COVID-19: KUSA Events under Adjusted Level 3 Lockdown as at 5 February 2021

The KUSA COVID-19 Events Task Team is pleased to announce that, based on the re-adjusted COVID-19 Alert Level 3 announced on 1 February 2021, and informed by the encouraging reduction in the COVID-19 infection rate across South Africa, KUSA has taken the decision to once again permit dog shows and events, provided they are managed in such a way that all possible precautions are taken and preventative measures instituted to protect participants from exposure to the virus.

In particular, and without exception, the following protocols MUST be put in place:

· Access to the venue MUST be strictly controlled for the entire duration of the event.

· Clubs MUST ensure that no more than 100 people are present at the event at any time if held outdoors, or 50 people if held indoors.

· Spectators may not attend, only organisers, owners, exhibitors, handlers and their assistants may be present.

· The KUSA-provided register must be completed by ALL attendees, including organisers and workers.

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Important Notice - KUSA Official Show Entry Forms

The official KUSA Show Entry Forms have been updated to make provision for the inclusion of new Working Disciplines and to amend the Declaration to be signed by the Registered Owner or Authorised Agent of a dog entering a Show/Event.

Revision 01.01.2021 has been posted on the KUSA website and copies have also been distributed to all Provincial Council Secretaries.

Click here>> to download the latest version.

In terms of Schedule 3 Regulation 7 - Entry for Exhibition – please note that “All entries shall be submitted on an official KUSA entry form, fully completed and signed. Any alteration or amendment to the Declaration thereon shall invalidate the entry. The current Form shall be that appended to this Schedule as Appendix 3.”

Exhibitors are requested to only use the 01.01.2021 Show Entry Forms for the 2021 Show season.

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