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Welcome to Trick Dog - The Trick Dog Test is designed to encourage people to develop a solid relationship with their dog through working with that dog. This will also encourage good pet ownership and improve the handlers training skills by diversifying their training they do. The test is designed to be all inclusive, catering for dogs of all ages and breeds (including cross breeds), as well as handlers and dogs of varying physical abilities. Trick Dog will also expand a dog’s physical and mental ability and offers an activity for older dogs that have been retired from other forms of competition. It is also designed with the domestic pet owner in mind, encouraging them to spend more time with their dog and, hopefully, for them to become part of the KUSA family. 
We are pleased to announce that entries are now being accepted for ALL levels.  Please get cracking on those videos as we are looking forward to seeing your dogs progress and continuing on this exciting journey.

We regret that the price of rosettes has gone up. We are investigating ways of keeping these costs to a minimum and will keep you informed.

Please have a look at the Rules and the Guidelines for more information about the various levels and what is expected.  A couple of tips and pointers to remember:

Please remember to show your dog doing each trick three times in succession (this is VERY IMPORTANT). It is not enough to just show the trick once. Also, the tricks must be shown in succession e.g. start video, do tunnel, do tunnel, do tunnel, end video. These clips can then be stitched together into one larger video for submission.