FCI Dog Dancing Judge

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Congratulations go to Kathy Clayton who recently qualified as a FCI International Judge for Dog Dancing. Gérard Robinson, Chairman of the Judges Education Committee (JEC) presented Kathy with her confirmation certificate.

Terrier Club of the Eastern Cape Re-Qualifying Show

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We got a lovely entry of 43 dogs, with 41 being present on the day. There was a happy atmosphere, with everyone working together. Thank you to the competitors for supporting, to the judge and ring steward, the Committee and all who made this a success! We look forward to a great Championship Show in April 2020.

2019 Victrix Ludorum

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From Left – Tracey Moss (Hills), Doreen Powell (President), Jennifer Smith (Judge), Silvia Stringer (Winner)

The Victor/Victrix Ludorum award show was held on the 12th and 13th of October 2019 in windy and hot weather. They gave of their best. Four shows with eight dogs participating in class C.

Doreen Powell - A Tribute by Fedco

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Doreen Powell, President of KUSA, on her retirement from FEDCO, flanked by Chris Griffith and Jenny Hubbard, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of FEDCO

Currently the longest-serving member on Fedco with some 25 years’ service, it is hard, almost unthinkable, to imagine a Fedco meeting without Doreen. As her colleagues on the Fedco come to terms with the end of an era, they stand in silent awe of her extraordinary achievements in dogdom as one of KUSA’s most revered assets.

Supreme Champions

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South Africa’s first ever Supreme Champions gathered for a group photo at the KUSA Classic weekend to celebrate their achievement.

From Left to Right:
Gerhard Schultz with Willem and Louise Kruger’s Australian Shepherd, “Cort”, Sp. Ch., Gr. Ch., Ch., Ch. (USA), Stone Ridge Long Live Cowboys at Charisma.
Carol Immelman with her Dalmatian, “Quest”, Sp. Ch., Gr. Ch., Ch. Dallmalli Ducks In A Row, ZAW ‘17, ZAW ‘18.
Jonathan Bam with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, “Baxter”, Sp. Ch., Int. Ch., Gr. Ch., Ch. Kelev Morning Star, ZAW ‘17.
Joan Whittingham with her English Springer Spaniel, “Luke”, Sp. Ch., Int. Ch., Gr. Ch., Ch. Tanjo Jedi Knight, ZAW ‘17.

New views required for Elbow Dysplasia certification submissions

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The South African Elbow Dysplasia (ED) scheme was initiated in 1999 to assist breeders to improve breeding selection to reduce the incidence of this very common and often crippling disease in dogs, particularly larger working dogs. Certification is done according to the Guidelines of the International Elbow Working Group (IEWG) and as approved by WSAVA. The number of views required to certify dogs varies in different countries with increasing views resulting in more accurate grading.

In 1999 the minimum requirement of a single flexed lateral view of each elbow was instituted to start the SA scheme to minimise costs and gain greater breeder compliance. We are now 20 years further with additional knowledge of subtle radiological changes in dysplastic elbows as well as the X-ray digital era upon 98% of veterinary practices. This creates additional opportunities to improve ED grading accuracy with minimal cost implications.

In discussions with KUSA and the National Clinicians Group of the SAVA and based on IEWG guidelines and a recent article* on the incidence of hip and elbow dysplasia in South Africa, the following two views of each elbow will be required for elbow grading as from 1 June 2019:
• Fully Extended ML view
• Pronated CrCd view
Minimal, if any, cost changes to owners are envisaged with the introduction of the new views.

The KUSA HD/ED approved radiologists will also directly inform veterinarians of these changes. KUSA members are however requested to confirm the extra views with the veterinary practice at time of admission of their dogs for ED radiographs. Incorrect submissions of the old single elbow view will be accepted for the first three months after the implementation date to allow a smooth transition period. Updated HD/ED application forms are available on the KUSA website.

AKC Certified Export Pedigree: Everything You Need to Know

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If your dog is a world traveler, his journeys just became easier.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has launched the new AKC Certified Export Pedigree that merges into one document all the information required to obtain registration with foreign kennel clubs.

The new document makes it safer and less confusing to register dogs abroad. This is especially helpful for breeders who sell puppies overseas and those who show dogs in other countries.

“I am excited to announce the AKC Certified Export Pedigree is live,” says Linda Duncklee, Director of AKC Registration. “We will soon be sending information to all the foreign registries to let them know.”

AKC has reciprocal agreements with more than 200 foreign kennel clubs. To register an American-born, AKC-recognized breed with one of these registries, the dog first must be registered with the American Kennel Club and the owner must provide proof of this to the foreign organization.

Click here for the full article>> http://bit.ly/2JK2D7H

New prices for flying with BidAir PetLounge - 1 April 2019

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KUSA members can save substantially by choosing Bidvest PetLounge, a specialist travel facility, when flying their dogs. The latest rates are effective from 1 April 2019 onward.

By arrangement with BidAir Petlounge, KUSA members qualify for an exclusive discount of 15% on cash rates when transporting adult dogs or puppies unaccompanied. BidAir PetLounge also offers a flat rate for dogs travelling with their owners/custodians on the same flight.

Unaccompanied dogs

Whether it’s a puppy travelling to its new home, or a stud dog paying a visit, KUSA members can now fly dogs safely to domestic destinations at the discounted rate on offer from BidAir PetLounge.

Exclusion of Dogs from Exhibition Due to Aggression

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In the case of a dog aggression incident having taken place at a KUSA Show, the following procedure is to be followed as described in Schedule 3 Regulation 14.

Regulation 14 – Exclusion of dogs

A Show Committee will have the power to exclude, refuse or remove any dog which is, owing to disease, savage disposition, or any other cause, not in a fit state for exhibition at a specific Show. Once a dog has been excluded or refused admission or has been removed from the precincts of a Show because of disease, savage disposition or any other cause, it will not be brought into the Show at any time or under any circumstances. The Show Secretary, on behalf of the Show Committee, shall submit to the Secretary within seven (7) days of the close of the Show a written report supported by sworn statements of any witnesses and all other evidence available to the Show Committee at the time of the incident.

Click here to read more: http://bit.ly/2UXjCGv

Important Notice - Amendments to regulations pertaining to Registration - Effective 01.04.2019

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19 February 2019

We bring to your attention amendments to Regulations pertaining to the registration of litters over 12 months of age and amendments to the Register for litters already registered. Please take note of the new requirements coming into effect on 1 April 2019.

To avoid the effects of the new Regulations, members are urged to submit any applications for “late registrations” and/or requests for amendments to the Register prior to the implementation date of the new Regulations.

Seizure of dogs from the property of KUSA Members

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The widely reported seizure of dogs from the property of two KUSA members by the SPCA is of extreme concern. KUSA became aware of the seizure of the dogs in the early morning of 4 February 2019. KUSA condemns any form of cruelty to animals and the serious situation called for swift action, which was taken immediately. This took the form of a Review and Investigatory Committee (R&IC), appointed in terms of Article 19 of the KUSA Constitution.

The Chairman of the Federal Council has informed the parties involved that, during the period of the criminal investigation and the term of the R&IC, the following would apply:

With immediate effect, the persons involved would be precluded from registering any dog, whether adult or puppy, whether locally bred or imported, with the Kennel Union;

Notice to Affiliated Clubs

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We bring to your attention various amendments to the KUSA Articles & Schedules, most of which will become effective as of 1 January 2019.

For ease of reference, herewith please find a summary of the amendments. Please take careful note of all amendments.
Chairman and Vice-Chairman of KUSA - affiliated Clubs
As of 1 February 2019, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Clubs must be members of the Kennel Union. [Refer to Fedco 12-2017 Item 7.11]
New Specimen Club Constitution
Clubs are urged to update their Club Constitutions in order to comply with current regulatory requirements and take advantage of changes in technology to make provision for teleconference meetings etc.
Click here to download a copy of the new specimen Club Constitution.

Phenotypic hip & elbow dysplasia trends Rottweilers & Labrador Retrievers in SA | courtesy of Prof Kirberger

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Phenotypic hip and elbow dysplasia trends in Rottweilers and Labrador retrievers in South Africa (2007-2015):

Are we making progress?

Canine hip and elbow dysplasia are major orthopaedic problems prevalent the world over, and South Africa is no exception. Hip and elbow dysplasia phenotypic status is certified by a number of different radiographic schemes in the world. South Africa uses the Fédération Cynologique Internationale system to certify hips, and the International Elbow Working Group scheme to certify elbows.

Bidvest PetLounge announcement – Size 10 Crates

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Dear Valued client,

In the interest of the welfare of animals travelling and being able to offer the best service at all times we have made a decision to no longer accept bookings for size 10 crates on our daytime network.

This as a result of previous challenges experiences with size 10 crates on our freighter aircraft and network.  These bookings need to be made at least 48 hours prior to the flight departing and conformation of the booking is subjest to space availability and the approval from management.

Attention Club Secretaries - Penalty Fees

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The late submission of Show Schedule documentation has a negative impact on the efficient running of the Shows Department. 

The repercussions affect several processes and procedures which in turn results in a diminished level of service provided to Clubs.
Penalty fees were instituted to encourage the timeous submission of Show Schedule documentation.
Unfortunately, the current rate of penalties levied does not appear to act as a deterrent.

Statement on Membership

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It is both curious and disappointing that members of KUSA, who should have the best interests of the organisation at heart, express such vehement opposition on social media to Fedco’s decision to redress an historical deficiency in the Constitution by expecting owners of dogs entered at KUSA’s Championship Shows to be members of the organisation.

How to import dogs and canine products

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Importing dogs and/or frozen semen is a necessary, yet stressful process that many KUSA members endure to ensure the excellence of their bloodlines. A lot of the stress can be taken away by knowing what is expected from you to make the process a success.