The Working Spaniel Association


The Working Spaniel Association (WSA) was established in 1981 to:

  • promote the Spaniel breed as working gundogs;
  • promote, encourage, foster and advance the breeding, well-being of and interest in the Spaniel breed of dogs;
  • observe and adhere to the breed standards of the Spaniel breeds of dogs as adopted from time to time by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA);
  • organise and hold working trials, field trials and other dog activities recognised by KUSA including training for any or all of these activities;
  • promote a better understanding of dogs and a wider knowledge of dogs and dog affairs and to promote goodwill among people interested in dogs.

The first working Spaniel field trial was held in South Africa over 30 years ago and the first National Field Trial, licensed by KUSA under the banner of the WSA, in 1997.

The club presently has over 50 active members and welcomes all new members who are interested in having the pleasure of working over a good gun dog, field trialing and related activities, if you are a one dog person and enjoy having a pet at home, you might consider a hunting Spaniel next time.

The club meets regularly for training sessions and field tests from puppy stage to senior dogs.

The Working Spaniel Association is now affiliated to the Working Retriever Club and our members receive WRC's newsletters on a regular basis.


Bobby Lotter (Cell: 083 449 0325)

Marius Coetzee

Mrs Marie Wynne

PO Box 906239, Magalieskruin, 0150
Tel: 083-700-6614

e-mail: wynne@icon.co.za

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