The Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) of KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa) was established in 1989. It has as members, all specialist Rottweiler Clubs which are affiliated to KUSA.

The RBC exists to improve the Rottweiler Breed of Dog in South Africa, to help all existing and potential Rottweiler owners about any aspect of the breed,wherever it can, and to educate the public at large about this wonderful breed of dog.

There are certain breeding guidelines advised by the RBC and adopted by KUSA which pertain to not breeding any Rottweiler before a minimum age has been achieved and the hips have been x-rayed to establish the degree of hip dysplasia if any. Certain recommendations and rules exist in order for a litter to be registered with KUSA.

The RBC will also be able to advise all current and potential owners and breeders on aspects of: Selecting a puppy Owning rearing and training a Rottweiler Where to find member clubs with such services Where to find KUSA registered breeders What veterinary danger signals to look out for How to join KUSA and/or a Specialist Rottweiler club and what the benefits are KUSA breeding regulations

Rottweiler Specialist Clubs


     Highveld Rottweiler Club 

 Meridian Rottweiler League (Goldfields, Bedfordview) 

 Praetor Rottweiler Club (Hazeldan, Silverlakes Rd., Pretoria)    

 Rottweiler Working & Breeding Association (Midrand)   


 Natal Rottweiler Association 

Western Province

 Cape Rottweiler Club 

 Western Province Rottweiler Club