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After a distinguished career with the Kennel Union spanning thirty-four years, it is not only with great sadness, but also with heartfelt melancholy, that the members of the Federal Council, the members of the Executive Committee, the Management and staff of the Kennel Union and the Members of the Kennel Union bid farewell to the Manager of the Clubs, Shows & Judges’ Department of KUSA, Adele Bastick.

Adele joined the Kennel Union in 1987 as a Senior Typist, reporting to Kathy Walton.  In 1989, Adele was given the responsibility for all matters relating to the Judges’ Section. In March 1990 she went on three months’ maternity leave and on 27 January 2000 she was promoted to the Administrator of the Judges’ Section (Club Affairs).  In March 2005, Adele was appointed Manager of the Clubs, Shows & Judges’ Department with five members of staff reporting to her, a position she held up to her retirement.

Under the able leadership of the former President of the Kennel Union, Mr Greg Eva, Adele acquainted herself with the intricacies of the Kennel Union’s operations and, after Mr Eva’s departure, dedicated herself to adapting to the ever-increasing demands of an organisation which had undergone imperative restructuring. The Federal Council, Executive Committee and the General Manager became heavily reliant on her institutional knowledge of all matters pertaining to Clubs, Shows and Judges.

As we say goodbye to Adele after such a protracted and exemplary term of service, all her KUSA colleagues - those that shared her space in Bree Street, as well as those scattered across the country – wish her only happiness and fulfilment in her retirement and an abundance of pleasurable indulgence and accomplishment during the leisure years that await her. Adele will leave us with her unique mark entrenched in Kennel Union history and countless will be the days that one or other of her colleagues will wish that she was still close at hand.