Chairman's Report 2021

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My first year in office as Chairman of the Federal Council has brought some disturbing, some interesting and many varied challenges.

During 2021, we continued to deal with the adjusted Alert Levels of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, this affected us all in one way or another and my deepest sympathies go to those KUSA Members who had lost family and friends during the year and who were financially affected by the pandemic. Just when we thought there was some light at the end of the tunnel, we are now further challenged by the new Omicron variant. With infections on the rise, we are bracing ourselves for a 4th wave of infections and with it, no doubt, further restriction as the National State of National Disaster continues unabated. I urge all KUSA Members to give themselves some level of resistance against this virus by supporting the vaccination drive.

It was very heartening to see the revival of some dog shows and events during the past year. Dog training resumed and socialisation of the ‘COVID’ puppies opened up. Thank you, to all the Clubs and Dogsport Committees who persevered and held shows and events under strict protocols and to the competitors who supported these events. The entries were generally encouraging and boded well for the future of the canine activities.

Congratulations to the KUSA COVID-19 Task Team under the leadership of Carol Immelman, who worked tirelessly to assist KUSA and the show-holding Clubs. Their efforts are much appreciated, and we recognise that this was no easy task. I extend my thanks to our KUSA Legal Adviser for keeping us abreast of the ever-changing government regulations. The KUSA Shows Department was put under extreme pressure, dealing with short lead times and the extra workload of checking Show Schedules in accordance with the applicable protocols prior to the issuing of show licences. I thank the KUSA Office most sincerely for coping so well under the pressure.

The Federal Council unanimously supported the decision not to renew the lease of the premises from where KUSA had operated for the past 36 years. In October 2021, the KUSA Office relocated to interim premises in Cape Town, until such time as permanent headquarters can be sourced and purchased, thus providing a valuable asset for KUSA in the long term. One can imagine that a move after such a long period of occupancy was no easy undertaking for the Office. The Federal Council thanks the General Manager, Pascale Midgley, for her support and guidance and the Office Manager & KUSA Secretary, Kyle Farmer, for executing the relocation and overcoming the many challenges.

Thanks, must also be extended to the Office Staff who coped admirably through these challenges, and to the members for their patience and tolerance during the relocation. A special thank you goes to Lori Thornhill, Chairman of the Western Cape Provincial Council, for organising the staff members’ welcome gifts on behalf of the Federal Council.

KUSA’s Audited Financial Statements will be distributed with the Fedco 12-2021 minutes. The results exceeded our expectations, and we thank the KUSA Office for exercising financial prudence throughout this turbulent financial year.

The K9 Admin System upgrade is progressing and testing of the various components should be able to commence during the first quarter of 2022, after which implementation will follow. This development is an integral part of taking KUSA into a competitive digital arena – the way of the future.

On the international front, as members of the FCI and under the guidance of our FCI Section of Asia, Africa and Oceania, we have received excellent advice during the past year. There have been a number of Podcasts organised by the FCI which are well worth watching. They are all approximately one hour long and I encourage KUSA’s officials and members to take time out to watch them.

Sadly, the prestigious 2021 KUSA Classic cluster of shows had to be cancelled for the second consecutive year. The KUSA Classic Organising Committee, in consultation with the sponsor, decided that a severely diluted KUSA Classic, with no foreign Judges, would detract from the prestige of the event but, as a consolation, the KCOC decided to go ahead with the FCI CACIB (Africa) International Show to afford exhibitors the opportunity to benefit from the FCI’s concession to recognise CACIBs awarded exclusively by South African Judges for purposes of attaining International Championship.

The JEC Seminar Programme under the Resources Sub-Committee presented a total of seventeen seminars on Zoom with foreign breed specialists as presenters. A number of these seminars were outstanding. Fedco commends the Judges Education council under the leadership of Gérard Robinson for their ongoing commitment to the education and guidance of KUSA Judges.

To the KUSA staff, ably led by Pascale Midgley, I express my gratitude for their continued dedication to ensure an efficient and effective service to members and the public.

To the Executive Committee under the chairmanship of Bruce Jenkins, Fedco joins me in thanking all the members for giving up their time to ensure the good governance and effective oversight of KUSA’s administrative affairs.

To the members of KUSA, thank you for your ongoing support of KUSA. Without this support, we would not be the strong organisation that we have become.

I thank all the Sponsors who have generously supported the KUSA Clubs and their shows during the past year. Without your assistance, our shows would not be the success that they were.

To the Provincial Councils, the Breed and Liaison Councils, the National Sub-Committees, Affiliated Clubs and various Ad hoc committees, thank you for the work you do to promote, preserve and protect our dogs.

I would like to thank my colleagues on the Federal Council for all the assistance and support I have received. I am gratified and privileged to be able to work with a team of highly informed, proactive Councillors - a team that truly works together for all things KUSA.

My responsibilities and the workload are somewhat daunting. However, I will do the best I can to serve KUSA, sometimes at the expense of not being able to be present at shows. There are never enough days in the working week!

In closing, I wish you and your loved ones and all your very special dogs, a successful 2022. May you have a wonderful festive end to 2021, blessed with joyous times, good health and may you and your families stay safe and secure.

Jenny Hubbard