KUSA Events under Adjusted Alert Level 1

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KUSA Events under Adjusted Alert Level 1

The KUSA COVID-19 Task Team is pleased to announce that following the Government adjustment to COVID-19 Alert Level 1, on 30 September 2021, the KUSA COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures have been amended as follows:

Access Control and Disclaimers will no longer be required at KUSA-licensed events, but organisers must continue to manage their events to include all possible precautionary and preventative measures to protect participants from exposure to coronavirus.

In particular, and without exception, the following MUST REMAIN IN PLACE:

  • Clubs must ensure that no more than 2000 people are present at any time during an Event held outdoors, or 750 people if held indoors.
  • Every person attending must wear a mask at all times, except when running while handling a dog in competition.
  • Sanitiser must be freely available in suitable dispensers.
  • Social distancing must be observed at all times.

Responsibility for ensuring that all COVID-19 Protocols are adhered to is the sole responsibility of show-holding Clubs and they should take note of the following:

  • A COVID-19 Compliance Officer and Assistant COVID-19 Compliance Officer must be appointed and their details submitted to KUSA. The Compliance Officer must be a KUSA member, but it is not necessary for the Assistant Compliance Officer to be a KUSA member.
  • The following Statement must appear on all Schedules for KUSA events:

COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures will be observed at this event

  • A maximum of 2000 people will be allowed at the venue at any one time if held outdoors, or 750 attendees if held indoors.
  • All persons attending this event must wear a reusable cloth or sponge face mask, or a disposable surgical mask, except when running while handling a dog in competition. Face shields only are not legal. Any person not wearing a mask will be requested to leave the venue.
  • All attendees must observe social distancing and, whenever feasible, maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres between themselves and others with whom they don’t cohabit.
  • Sanitiser will be available at the Organisers’ Office, on all Judges’ tables, at ring entrances and in the toilet areas.

Please note that by entering and/or attending this event, participants are agreeing to comply with any instructions issued by the COVID-19 Compliance Officers, and that the organisers have the right to request any person who refuses to comply with a request or instruction to leave the venue. Any person found to be non-compliant may also be liable for disciplinary action under Schedule 1 of the KUSA Constitution.

The above Protocols and Procedures are subject to immediate change in the event of either the Alert Level, or the Government Regulations pertaining to COVID-19, being varied prior to this event.



Deputy COVID-19 Compliance Officer: NAME & CONTACT NUMBER 


Compliance with COVID-19 Protocols at KUSA events is mandatory. To ensure adherence to the regulations, random inspections may be undertaken at events and Club Officials, including the Show Manager and Officers of the show-holding Club, will be held responsible for non-compliance with the prescribed Protocols and may be liable for disciplinary action under Schedule 1 of the KUSA Constitution.

Issued by the KUSA COVID-19 TASK TEAM, 12 October, 2021.