Re-Starting Dog Shows and Dogsport Events

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The KUSA COVID-19 Events Task Team is pleased to announce that based on South Africa’s move to the coronavirus COVID-19 Alert Level 2, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development (DALRRD) has informed us that KUSA may go ahead with shows and events, provided all COVID-19 lockdown regulations are followed.

The KUSA office is therefore in a position to accept licence applications for dog show and dogsport events under certain conditions. Club officials are urged to please take careful note of the following requirements and guidelines when considering holding events and before submitting any licence applications.

· Irrespective of the discipline or type of show, Government Disaster Management Act Regulations for Alert Level 2 must be adhered to. These include, but are not limited to:

o Everybody at the event wearing a mask. Those not doing so must be turned away.

o Strict adherence to all health protocols including symptom screening, distancing measures and availability of sanitisers and hand-washing facilities.

o Limiting attendance to not more than 50 people per event at any time.

· In the event of the Lockdown Level or Government regulations changing before an event in such a way that the event will no longer be legal, the event must be cancelled. KUSA will immediately revoke the licence.

· In order to comply with these measures, event organisers should carefully consider the following when planning events:

o The appointment of a COVID-19 Compliance Officer and a Deputy.

o The necessity of controlled access to the venue.

o How to manage the possibility of more than 50 people attending (staggered starting times, etc.).

o Having all attendees sign a waiver before being admitted to the event.

o Keeping a register of all attendees (including Club Officials) with names, telephone numbers and ID numbers.

o Placement of rings and office to ensure social distancing.

o Demarcation of suitable distances wherever necessary.

o The supply of sanitiser and suitable dispensers.

o Limiting the number of vendors (including those selling food and drink) and ensuring that all vendors apply adequate measures such as having hand sanitiser available, regulating the number of people served at one time and marking out distances for queuing.

o Rules and regulations governing the venue used for the show or event.

KUSA will require the following extra documentation from Clubs submitting applications to hold shows or events:

o A detailed protocol explaining how the Club intends to run the event in compliance with the Lockdown Alert Level 2 Regulations.

o Details of the persons nominated by the club as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer, and Deputy.

The protocol and plan submitted by the Club will be integral to the issuing of a licence.

Apart from the above, Clubs must also submit ALL documents and details normally required by KUSA for the licensing of an event.

Clubs are urged to ensure that everything is in order and is submitted at one time in order to assist the KUSA Office in expediting the issuing of a licence.

While concessions will be granted regarding the timelines for submission of documents for obtaining show licences, it is imperative that Clubs wishing to hold shows this year submit their applications as soon as possible and take care to ensure that everything is in order. The KUSA Shows Department is likely to be under severe pressure and incomplete or incorrect applications will be seriously delayed. Preference will be given to applications where there are no oversights.

Events of Clubs scheduled to take place between now and the end of 2020 on their traditional dates will be processed first.

Requests for “new” dates from Clubs whose events were cancelled due to COVID-19 will be considered by the Task Team. Any clubs making such applications should address their requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not submit licence applications or KUSA date-change applications at this stage. Your submission should only include:

· The date you are applying for and the type of event or show

  • Your reasons for selecting the date

· Letters of agreement or objection from any other Clubs that might be affected by your event.

For example:

o A Club that traditionally uses the date, but has decided to cancel its 2020 event.

o A Club that has a similar event in a different province on the same date.

o A Club that has an event planned for the same date and venue.

The onus will be on the Club making application to establish what other events are affected and to communicate with those Clubs.

Once permission has been granted for the new date, licence and date-change application documents may be submitted.


The KUSA Office will prioritise the licensing of 2020 events and, until further notice, the Task Team will only consider new date applications for 2020.

Finally, we are in the process of preparing several documents to assist Clubs, such as waivers, checklists, and notices, and these will be published and circulated early next week.