BidAir accepts only IATA approved crates

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Due to two unfortunate incidents of animals escaping out of their crates, BidAir Cargo will no longer accept clip-on plastic containers or crates.

Clip-on plastic crates do not have long enough pins which can result in the movement of the crate door when the crate is lifted. From the 1st of March 2016, BidAir will only accept screw-in plastic containers that are IATA approved.

Examples of acceptable crates brands are:

  • Pet Mate Products
  • Vari­ kennels
  • Sky kennels
  • Gulliver kennels

These containers already have additional holes where the door and both sides of the crate can be securely closed with cable ties.

Please note that crate size requirements have not changed: the animal must still be able to stand up straight, turn around 360 degrees inside the container with a minimum space of 5-10 cm between the top of the animal's head, or ears, and the roof. Containers must also have a water bowl attached (raised from floor) on the inside of the crate together with a blanket or absorption material.

The requirement as per the LAR 2016: The door hinges and locking pins must extend beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door opening by at least 1.6 cm.

Please see below examples of NON IATA approved crates that WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for carriage due to the short pins. which do not secure your pet inside the crates whilst in transit.


Please see below examples of IATA approved crates which WILL BE ACCEPTED for carriage:

vari kennelsky vari kennel airline approved

For more information, contact your AVI Specialist or contact the PetLounge Reservations Team on 011 230 4600 or visit the website at