The following Learner Judges were successful in passing PAPER 2 of the above Examination for the Groups indicated and may now judge at Championship Show Level:


Mrs M. Heneke – Terrier Group

Mr G. Schultz – Herding Group

Prof. M. Nicolau – Gundog Group

Mrs L. Van Schalkwyk – Terrier Group


Mr T. Ingram – Terrier Group

Mrs M. Halmi  Hound Group

 The following Learner Judges were successful in passing PAPER 1 of the above Examination:

KUSA Regulations and Canine Physiology

(Group/Breed of study is in brackets)


Ms M.L. Tregoning (Herding Group)


Mrs L. Olivier (Herding Group)

Dr. M. Nezar (Herding Group)


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16.11.2021 | Crufts International Junior Handler Competition

Basil le Roux from Cape Town to represent South Africa

The Kennel Union of Southern Africa has pleasure in announcing that, in taking the relevant circumstances into account, the Federal Council has come to the decision that Basil le Roux is the most appropriate contender to be offered the opportunity to represent South Africa at the International Junior Handler Competition at Crufts 2022.

Fedco considered that, since no Junior Handler Nationals were held in South Africa in 2020 and 2021 due to the cancellation of the KUSA Classic, and the 2019 winner has already represented South Africa at Crufts in 2019, the opportunity to compete at Crufts 2022 should be offered to the Runner-up to the 2019 KUSA National Junior Handler.

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Schedule 05J (IPO) - Regulations for KUSA Registered Instructors, Trainers and Assistants (IPO)

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1.1 The Regulations relating to all matters to do with Shows as set out in Schedule 3 (Championship Shows), Schedule 4 (Non-Championship Shows) and Schedule 5B(2) IPO of the Constitution of The Kennel Union of Southern Africa shall apply to these Regulations so far as they can be relevant and so far as they do not conflict with the specific terms of this Schedule 5J(IPO).
1.1.2 Only persons in possession of a valid Assistant’s Certificate/Record Card or Licence (IPO) may officiate at IPO events.
1.2 Record Cards and Licences
1.2.1 A KUSA IPO Assistant’s Record Card will be issued to any person who has qualified as a KUSA Registered Assistant (IPO) in terms of Schedule 5J(IPO).
1.2.2 A KUSA Tutor Assistant’s Licence will be issued by KUSA to any person who qualifies as a Tutor Assistant (IPO) in terms of this Schedule 5J(IPO).
1.3 Membership
All Candidate Assistants (IPO), Registered Assistants (IPO), Tutor Assistants (IPO) shall be current members of The Kennel Union of Southern Africa in good standing.
1.4 Use of Assistant (IPO) Card and Tutor Assistant Licence
1.4.1 An Assistant is required to provide proof of qualification, to a Club, at the time of accepting any appointment. Such proof must also be valid at the time of the Trial for which such appointment was accepted.
1.4.2 Persons invited to act as an Assistant at an IPO Trial will be required to present their Assistant (IPO) Record Card or their Tutor Assistant (IPO) Licence to the Judge for the particular Grade at which they are to perform. The Assistant’s (IPO) Record Card or Tutor Assistant’s (IPO) Licence will be endorsed by the officiating Judge.
1.4.3 Before approving a foreign Assistant, KUSA shall be satisfied that such Assistant is recognised and approved in his country of permanent domicile.

2.1 The examining of the Candidate Assistant shall be carried out by a panel consisting of one (1) Licensed Tutor Assistant (IPO) and a Licensed Assistant (IPO) who has been licensed for at least two years and who has either officiated in at least 4 shows IPO or who has trained IPO continuously for a period of 3 years. The Tutor Assistant will then submit the panel’s report on the candidate to KUSA.
2.2 Prior to being examined, all Candidate Assistants (IPO) will have completed a training course or had at least one (1) years verified experience in IPO or trained a dog to Grade I status.
2.3 Courses and exams for Candidate Assistants (IPO) may only be held by Licensed Tutor Assistants (IPO).
2.4 Each course is to cover the Syllabus laid down in terms of Regulation 5 of this Schedule and the relative approved KUSA Booklet for Assistants (IPO).
2.5 On completion of the examination, the Tutor Assistant will send, by Registered Mail or e mail , to KUSA in the case of each Candidate Assistant (IPO) the following :-
2.5.1 the candidate’s full name, address, telephone numbers and KUSA Membership Number;
2.5.2 proof that the candidate is over EIGHTEEN (18) years of age;
2.5.3 all persons under twenty-one (21) years of age must submit a letter from their natural or legal guardian giving permission for them to act as an Assistant (IPO);
2.5.4 the relevant original question and answer examination papers;
2.5.5 the results of each section as well as the overall score;
2.5.6 letter of recommendation from a KUSA Affiliated Club,
2.5.7 an approved disclaimer signed by candidate or guardian absolving KUSA, and any affiliated clubs, as well as their officials acting in the course of their duties, from any responsibility for any injury sustained at any IPO Trial or IPO training session,
2.5.8 the examination panels written assessment.
2.6 On acceptance by KUSA, the names and addresses of successful candidates, together with the appropriate qualification, shall be published timeously in the Official Kennel Union Journal.
2.7 The Assistant (IPO) Record Card shall be issued and the names of the persons qualifying placed upon the lists of Registered Assistants (IPO).

3.1 Before any person can apply to be placed on the panel of Tutor Assistants (IPO) he must have :-
3.1.1 five (5) years experience in training IPO of which at least 3 years must be as a KUSA Registered Assistant or as a registered Assistant in Schutzhund with an organization recognized by KUSA;
3.1.2 been nominated by a KUSA affiliated club to and be accepted by the Provincial IPO Sub-Committee in which area he resides, 
3.1.3 undertaken and passed an oral examination by a KUSA Licensed Tutor Assistant (IPO). The Candidate Tutor Assistant (IPO) must also act as understudy to a Licensed Tutor Assistant (IPO) at least once, and produce a complete set of IPO Assistants oral and practical examination documents to be approved by the officiating Licensed Tutor Assistant (IPO). If the document set is approved by the Licensed Tutor Assistant (IPO) the Tutor shall so advise Executive Committee in writing, producing both the official document set and that of the Candidate Tutor. Once tabled and accepted by Executive Committee the Candidate Tutor may be issued with a License to act as a KUSA Licensed Tutor Assistant IPO. Such panel shall, prior to the examination, be approved by the Provincial IPO Sub-Committee of the area in which the examination takes place, or where no such Sub-Committee exists by KUSA.
3.2 On acceptance by KUSA, the names and addresses of successful candidates, together with the appropriate qualification, shall be published timeously in the Official Kennel Union Journal.
3.3 The relevant Tutor Assistant (IPO) Licence shall be issued and the name of the person qualifying placed upon the lists of Tutor Assistants (IPO).

[As detailed in the relevant approved KUSA booklet for Assistants (IPO)]

Will be governed by the Schedule 5J (IPO) and the relevant approved KUSA Booklet for Assistants (IPO)
5.1 Written Examination (Pass mark 75%) on :-
5.1.1 Schedule 5B(2) (IPO);
5.1.2 training of dogs for IPO Defence Work and all aspects of the conduct of the Assistant (IPO) during training and competition;
5.1.3 the natural drives and the defensive and aggressive behavioural patterns of the guard and defence dog.
5.2 Practical Examination (Pass mark 75%) :-
This practical examination should be carried out continuously without a break and consist of :
5.2.1 a physical fitness test of running two (2) laps around a KUSA IPO competition field in an acceptable protective outfit, followed by;
5.2.2 working three (3) beginner dogs in a group in order to establish the candidate’s ability to adapt his work to the strength of a particular dog he is faced with; 
5.2.3 carrying out the full test on two (2) dogs of different Grades.

6.1 Any qualifications obtained in terms of this Schedule 5J (IPO), may be revoked by The Kennel Union of Southern Africa for any reason supported by the relevant Provincial IPO Sub-Committee, or if an Assistant (IPO) or Tutor Assistant (IPO) has not been actively involved as a Trainer for IPO Defence Work or as an Assistant (IPO) in competition, for a continuous period of twelve (12) months.


Notwithstanding the provision of Schedule 5J 1.1.2 Licensed Assistants from organisations recognised by KUSA, including those of the GSDF, may continue to operate as Assistants at official KUSA IPO Shows in terms of dispensation granted by Fedco or may apply for a Schedule 5J KUSA IPO Licence should they so wish subject to the following requirements:

  • 1 Be in possession of KUSA paid up membership
  • 2 Apply to the National Convenor IPO in writing and enclosing proof of Assistant status from an organisation recognised by KUSA.
  • 3 Write and pass the KUSA Schedule 5J Assistant written exam.
  • 4 Complete the indemnity forms required
  • 5 Be in good health and fit to work dogs.

(C) The Kennel Union of Southern Africa.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without permission in writing from the publisher.

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