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How do I register a KUSA affix or kennel name?

To register an affix, an application must be made on an official Kennel Union form signed by the applicant and setting out all the information required therein. This form must be accompanied by the application fee prescribed in terms of Schedule 7. 

In addition to the Affix desired by the applicant, four alternative names must be provided. Keep the following in mind when deciding on names:

  • A number and descriptive word is not registerable
  • The names of countries, provinces, towns or titles are not permitted
  • A letter, number or numeral is not permitted
  • An adjective or noun appropriate to the name of a dog is not permitted
  • An adjective or noun appropriate to a colour definition appropriate to a breed of dog is not permitted
  • First names (e.g. Gisela), common names for dogs (Fido, King, etc.), surnames are not permitted
  • Registered company names or patented product names are not permitted
  • Names indicative of the quality of the applicant's dogs (e.g. Champion, Superb) or any feature of the breed or its temperament are not permitted
  • The word "Kennel/s" may not be included as part of the Affix.

How do I get my affix accepted?

Acceptance of an Affix shall be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee. Every Affix provisionally accepted by the Secretary shall be published once on the Kennel Union Website and any objections thereto shall be lodged with the Secretary within thirty (30) days of publication.

After publication of the Affix, every application and objection shall be considered by the Executive Committee, which may grant such application, with or without amendment, whereupon the Affix shall be registered, giving the grantee, during the continuance of such grant, the sole and exclusive right to use such Affix as part of a name when registering or changing the name of a dog on transfer of ownership. The grantee may not cede, assign, bequeath, sell or dispose of a registered Affix without the consent of the Executive Committee.

When an Affix has been granted and the current grantee/s wish to add, subtract or replace any surname from those in which the Affix is currently granted, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to instruct the Secretary to take the necessary action provided that the written agreement of all the existing grantee/s or their Executors has first been  obtained and that the fee laid down in terms of Schedule 7 has been received and that there is no contravention of Regulation of this Schedule. In such cases the period of grant shall expire at the end of the period granted to the original grantee/s.

How does joint ownership work?

In terms of this Schedule, at any one time, no more than five (5) persons shall be permitted to hold joint registered ownership of any dog or hold joint registered ownership of any Affix.

Where an Affix is granted jointly to two (2) or more persons, it may be used by those people acting in concert, in any combination or singly.

Every grant of a registered Affix shall be published once on the Kennel Union Website and shall be valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of registration, subject to the grantee's right to re register such Affix for further periods of five (5) years upon payment of the prescribed re registration fee as stipulated in terms of Schedule 7.

Can I protect an international/foreign affix from usage in SA?

Any Affix registered in any country, the Canine Control Body of which is in reciprocity with or recognised by the Kennel Union may be protected on application by the Grantee or by the Committee of an Affiliated Breed Club or other interested party for a period of twenty (20) years, subject to renewal, upon payment of the fee prescribed.

What happens if my affix expires?

In the event of a grantee failing to re-register an Affix upon expiry thereof, the Secretary shall send written notice of such expiry to the grantee at his last known address and failing re-registration by the grantee within a period of thirty (30) days of such notice, the Secretary shall publish notice of such expiry once on the Kennel Union Website. Upon the grantee's failure to re register the Affix within thirty (30) days of publication, the grant shall lapse and the name of the Affix shall become available to any applicant for registration at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

How may I use my affix?

The grantee of a registered Affix shall utilise it only as a prefix, that is to say, the first word in the name, in respect of any dog bred by him or any dog bred from parents, each of which were bred by him, otherwise it shall be used only as a suffix, that is to say, the last word in the name.

No name indicative of an Affix may be used unless it is registered as such with the Kennel Union in terms of these Regulations.

No registered name, including Affix shall exceed fifty-five (55) characters, which will include a registered  Prefix of one word limited to fifteen (15) characters; a common name (inclusive of spaces between words, apostrophes, hyphens or other punctuation marks) limited to twenty-five (25) characters in total, with the addition of a registered Suffix, on transf

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