Attention Club Secretaries - Penalty Fees

Posted in Shows Noticeboard

The late submission of Show Schedule documentation has a negative impact on the efficient running of the Shows Department. 

The repercussions affect several processes and procedures which in turn results in a diminished level of service provided to Clubs.
Penalty fees were instituted to encourage the timeous submission of Show Schedule documentation. 
Unfortunately, the current rate of penalties levied does not appear to act as a deterrent.

Please be advised that the Penalty Fee for late submission of Show Schedule documentation will double to the following rates for Shows held from 1 January 2018.

●The first four (4) weeks or part thereof = R20.00 per week
●Each successive week thereafter = R30.00 per week.

We urge Clubs to please take heed of this notice and to avoid paying unnecessary penalty fees. 
Assist us to provide you with the quality service you deserve by submitting your show documentation timeously. 
Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.