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Breeders Listing Disclaimer

The Kennel Union offers members the opportunity to post small classified adverts on the KUSA website under BREEDERS LISTING.

The acceptance and placement of such adverts by the Kennel Union is not to be misconstrued as acting as an endorsement or recommendation of the breed or quality of the purebred dog or knowledge or reputation of the member.

The Kennel Union cannot guarantee that dogs registered with the Kennel Union or their progeny are free from any inheritable or congenital defects or guarantee any standard of performance. Members are encouraged to do health screening tests prior to breeding and the responsibility remains with the purchaser to attain as much information as possible about the health status of the parents of the litter.

The Kennel Union serves as a registry for purebred dogs and is a voluntary association of its members. The Kennel Union does not register breeders and has no legislative powers to adjudicate between parties in dispute over the purchase & sale of puppies. The Kennel Union strongly recommends that a written and signed purchase and sale agreement be entered into between the two parties.

The Public are urged to exercise caution and are urged not to inadvertently support “puppy farmers”. Insist on visiting the premises where the puppy was raised. Never accept to collect your puppy from a different location. 
NB. Responsible breeders only breed when they are certain that they will be able to find good homes for all their puppies and thus it may be necessary to place your name on a waiting list and to pay a deposit. Beware of persons that have puppies available all year round and offer discounts.

Beware of breeders that offer registration with alternate registries. The Kennel Union is the only registry in South Africa that is recognised by the American, Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, New Zealand & European Kennel Clubs.
The Kennel Union will only register litters on the Breed Register if both parents are KUSA registered and will only accept show entries from dogs registered with the Kennel Union. The progeny of dogs registered with other registries are not eligible for registration on the Kennel Union Breed Register.