2. Guidelines for Event Protocols

Posted in COVID-19: Restarting KUSA Events


To be incorporated into the Procedures and Protocols Document issued pursuant to Government Regulations for COVID-19 Level 2

These examples are intended to serve as a basic guide to be followed by Clubs when preparing their COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols Documents for submission to KUSA on application for a licence to hold an event. Examples are not limited to those listed below and Clubs must draft appropriate Protocols for their particular event.

  1. All persons attending the event must wear a reusable cloth or sponge face mask, or a disposable surgical mask. Face shields are not legal.
  2. A maximum of 50 persons, including Officials, are allowed per event and this number must be strictly controlled by the organisers.
  3. Every person attending must sign a disclaimer and lodge the disclaimer with the organisers prior to the event.
  4. Every individual attending the event (in any capacity) must also sign a register on arrival at the venue and provide the details required therein.
  5. All equipment and furniture used at the event, including tables, chairs and office equipment, must be sanitised before and during the event.
  6. Equipment which is handled repeatedly, such as measuring devices, must be sanitised between each use.
  7. At events where judges are required to touch dogs, this should be kept to a minimum, and judges should sanitise hands after each dog.
  8. At breed shows, judges are encouraged to request exhibitors to show the dog’s bite.
  9. Hand sanitiser in spray or pump bottles must be placed strategically for continual use by Handlers, Judges, Stewards and any other attendees.
  10. Show rings and event areas must have separate entrances and exits.
  11. Show rings and event areas must be surrounded by a 1.5 metre walkway/no-man’s land.
  12. Marshalling areas must be sufficiently large, and be demarcated, to provide for social distancing of exhibitors when waiting for their Classes.
  13. Office areas should be large enough to allow for adequate social distancing and should preferably be well ventilated.
  14. Exhibitor numbers and award certificates should be managed in such a way that exhibitors are not required to congregate at one place to collect them.
  15. Exhibitor gazebos and benching areas must be spaced at least 1.5m apart (and be 1.5m away from the ringside).
  16. It is recommended that all attendees bring their own chairs and sanitiser and be responsible for their personal sanitisation and the areas occupied by them.
  17. Notices stating the COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures must be prominently displayed at the entrance to the event, on any buildings at the venue and at the and event office.
  18. Toilet areas must be continually sanitised, including door handles.
  19. Social distancing must be observed in all toilet areas.
  20. Paper towels must be provided for toilet areas together with a closed bin, preferably lined with a bin bag for easy disposal of used paper.
  21. For events where multiple rings are required, rings should be placed as far apart as possible and each ring should be managed as a separate event.
  22. All-breeds Clubs holding cluster weekends should consider holding some groups for each show on each day, rather than one show per day. For example, instead of holding Show A on Saturday and Show B on Sunday, the Gundog, Herding, Hound & Terrier groups for both shows should take place on Saturday and the Toy, Utility & Working Groups plus In-Show Finals should take place on Sunday.
  23. Details of the number of vendors that will be allowed at the event (including those selling food & drink) and what social distancing measures they will be required to implement.
  24. Protocols must be published in tandem with event Schedules.
  25. Disclaimers must be circulated together with event Schedules.
  26. Attendees must be requested to:
    1. Reconsider attending the event should they have comorbidities such as respiratory or heart disease, diabetes, TB, hypertension, etc.
    2. Not attend any event if they are exhibiting any flu-like or coronavirus symptoms.
    3. Advise the COVID-19 Compliance Officer if, after attending the event, they should develop any flu-like or any COVID-19 symptoms during the ensuing week.