5. Covid Notice for Schedules



KUSA appeals to attendees at all licensed events to keep up basic precautions whenever possible to prevent a surge of infections, including:

  • Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth

Masks are no longer obligatory outdoors, but must be worn indoor public spaces – this includes the Organiser’s Office at KUSA licensed events whether in a building or marquee.

  • Keeping a safe distance from others and avoiding crowded areas
  • Washing or sanitising your hands regularly

All venues are limited to 50% of their capacity with an upper limit of 1000 indoors and 2000 outdoors (unless proof of vaccine or negative COVID test is required, in which case there is no upper limit)

Please note that by entering and/or attending this event, participants are agreeing to comply with any instructions issued by the Show Manger and/or COVID-19 Compliance Officer/s, (if appointed by the club), and that the organisers have the right to request any person who refuses to comply with a request or instruction to leave the venue. Any person found to be non-compliant may also be liable for disciplinary action under Schedule 1 of the KUSA Constitution.

The above Protocols and Procedures are subject to immediate change in the event of Government Regulations pertaining to COVID-19, being varied prior to this event.

Updated : April 2022