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The Federal Council (Fedco) was established in 1932 when a new constitution was adopted for KUSA. Although the organisation has undergone many changes since 1933, Fedco remains solely responsible for the governance of KUSA and its policies across the spectrum of canine-related activities.

Each Federal Councillor has been assigned a specific portfolio of duties which plays to his, or her, strengths and expertise. Federal Councillors perform their duties on a voluntary basis and those who are in full-time employment devote many hours of their free time to KUSA.

We are pleased to provide a brief introduction to the Federal Councillors and highlight their portfolios:

Chairman – David Thompson

David and his wife Anne have been involved with showing and breeding dogs for over 35 years. They began with Labradors, but it wasn’t long before Pembroke Welsh Corgis took over their hearts and lives and their Palcatanda prefix was firmly established in the breed. More recently, the Thompsons were responsible for bringing the Cardigan Welsh Corgi back to South Africa after an absence of some 25 years.
David has served the Witwatersrand Corgi Club Tramordwy and Witwatersrand Kennel Club in various administrative capacities for over 25 years, in addition to serving on and chairing the DOGS Provincial Council. David does not judge, but has served many, many hours officiating as a Ring Steward.  Previously the Financial Director of several companies, David is now retired and was elected Chairman of Fedco three years ago.
Regrettably, David had to take a temporary leave of absence from his position as Chairman of Fedco when he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. He has, however, remained a valued member of Fedco in an advisory capacity. David’s fellow Fedco members were delighted to receive the news recently that he had completed his initial course of chemotherapy and was enjoying improved health. While he is not yet in a position to resume the Chairman’s duties, David has agreed to assist Fedco by convening and leading a sub-committee to handle KUSA’s financial affairs, including assessing the current financial structure and assisting with budgeting and reporting.

Portfolio: Finance

 Vice Chairman - Chris Griffith

Chris Griffith is currently serving as Acting Chairman of Fedco during David’s leave of absence. Chris has been involved in breeding and showing Dobermanns for over 20 years under the Southernbell prefix. He is qualified to judge the Working group and is Chairman of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Council.
Chris lives with his wife Jill on a 240 hectare farm in Lidgetton in the Natal Midlands. He is now retired from a very active business career, during which he was not only an Executive Director of Anglo American and Vice-Chairman of Anglo Industries, but also founded the Mondi Group.

Portfolios: Club Constitutions, FCI, Information Technology (IT), KUSA Constitution, Articles & Schedules

Lois Wilson

As the Chairman of the Executive Committee of KUSA, Lois Wilson serves on Fedco as the Exco representative. Lois was born into a dog-showing family in what was then Salisbury, Rhodesia, and grew up with Setters and Spaniels. Lois moved to South Africa with her family when her father was transferred and settled in Amanzimtoti.
She chose German Shepherds as her first “own” breed and later bred and exhibited Siberian Huskies. More recently, Lois, together with her daughter Kerrie, have enjoyed success with their Shibas and currently, she also owns and shows a Chinese Crested Dog.
Lois has held various administration posts on KwaZulu-Natal clubs since the 1980s. She is a qualified All-Breeds judge and has judged in several countries abroad. In addition, she judges Carting, Flyball & Obedience and is passionate about Junior Handling.

Portfolios: Handling, Registrations, Breed Standards, FCI, Website & Digital Communication

  Joan Barrow

Chairman of the Eastern Province & Border Provincial Council, Joan grew up in a household that was always animal-friendly and started competing in Working Trials and Obedience with a German Shepherd in the late 60s. She served as Secretary of the EP GSD club as long ago as 1969 and has held various official positions on PE Kennel Club since the late 70s. Joan also succeeded in the breed ring with her GSDs and later with Poodles, but, as an Obedience C Class judge, places great focus on the Working Disciplines. Joan was awarded the KUSA Presidential Community Canine Awareness Award in 1995 and has many years of volunteer service with the AACL under her belt where she has hand-reared dozens of orphaned new-borns and taken care of animals needing special attention. She loves all breeds of dogs and currently owns two German Shorthaired Pointers.

Portfolios:  Agility, Carting, Dog Jumping, Flyball, Obedience & Working Trials  

Doreen Powell

Doreen is Chairman of the Western Cape Provincial Council, a position she has held since 1994. Doreen and her late husband, David Powell, were persuaded to attend a show with their new Boxer puppy in 1960, at which time they were living in Durban. Within a very short space of time they were elected Secretary and Treasurer of the Natal Boxer Club and never looked back.
They moved to Cape Town in the mid ‘70s where David was elected as a Federal Councillor, a position he held until his death in 1984. Doreen has also served KUSA and the dog world in a variety of administrative positions over many years and her dedicated contribution was recognised with the award of an Honorary Life Membership of KUSA.
Doreen judges Obedience and All Breeds and is grateful for the many wonderful benefits, including travel abroad and amazing friends, that her involvement in the dog world has brought her.

Portfolios: Agility, Carting, Dog Jumping, Flyball, Obedience & Working Trials

Ricky Gouws

Ricky Gouws was elected Chairman of the recently re-instated Free State & Northern Cape Provincial Council at the end of August, and is enthusiastic about promoting and guiding the province in the future.
Ricky started showing Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers in the late 1980s, but later concentrated solely on Maltese and her “Libra” kennel enjoyed much success in the show-ring. Ricky is a qualified All-Breeds judge and has officiated in many overseas countries.
Having lived and worked as an accountant in Gauteng for many years, Ricky left the hustle and bustle of city life a few years ago and, together with her husband Gouws, moved to a sheep farm in Vosburg in the Northern Cape. Apart from farming duties and their interest in dogs, they are both keen cyclists and take great pleasure in cycling the many scenic routes offered by the area on a daily basis.
Ricky will be assigned portfolios at the December Fedco meeting. 



Jenny Hubbard

Jenny chairs the Northern Areas Provincial Council (NAPC) and has been involved in dogs since the mid ‘80s with Shar-Pei. In 1994 Jenny and was instrumental in bringing the Shar-Pei breed under the KUSA umbrella and she has been actively involved in KUSA activities ever since. Jenny’s judging history dates back to 2003 and she is a licensed Best in Show judge. She is no longer active in Shar-Pei, but now owns and breeds Shibas under her Rivervale affix.
Jenny has run her own business for 23 years, representing a leading brand of underwear in South Africa. She lives on an 8 hectare farm in Hennops River and, although KUSA activities demand a great deal of her time, she tries to spend as much time as possible in her beautiful garden.

Portfolios: Health & Genetics, ITT, IPO, Judges & Working Trials

Gérard Robinson

Gérard was elected to the Federal Council in 2011 and, in 2014, took over as Chairman of the District of Gauteng & Surrounds Provincial Council (DOGSPC).
Gérard acquired his first Long-haired Dachshund twenty-five years ago and started exhibiting shortly thereafter. He has remained fiercely loyal to this variety, although he loves and enjoys judging other varieties. He qualified as an All-Breeds judge in 2006 and has judged in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. He has awarded CCs in three varieties of Dachshund in the UK and judged Best in Show at the Dachshund Club of America “Nationals”.
Gérard lives in Johannesburg and when not pursuing canine interests, he consults in the fields of copyright law and intellectual property rights administration.

Portfolios: Judges & National Breed Judges Sub-committee, Media & Press

Carol Immelman

Because the District of Gauteng & Surrounds Provincial Council (DOGSPC) is made up of more than double the number of clubs in any other Provco, it is represented by two people on Fedco, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the province. Carol Immelman is DOGSPC’s second representative.
Carol has been involved in dog shows since she was a teenager and has remained loyal to her Dalmatians for over 40 years. More recently she has developed an interest in Australian Shepherds as well.
Carol qualified as an All-Areeds judge in the late ‘90s and has judged extensively overseas. She lives on a smallholding in Benoni and works for Computicket in addition to having been a contributor to Animaltalk magazine since its inception over 20 years ago.

Portfolios: Breed Shows, Website & Digital Communication