Cape Hound Club - 27 April 2020

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Honorary Secretary
Mrs Heather Gould
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The Annual General Meeting of the Cape Hound Club will be held on Monday 27 April at 11.00 am in conjuction with Swartland and West Coast Kennel Clubs at SWEETWELL RESTAURANT on the R44

1. To read the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.
2. To read and confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 10 February 2019.
3. To discuss matters arising out of the minutes.
4. To receive the Chairman‘s report.
5. To receive the Treasurer‘s report and audited financial statement.
6. To elect the Patron, President and Vice- presidents.
7. To elect the committee. In terms of the Club‘s constitution, the Committee shall comprise a minimum of six members. The term of office of each member is one year.
8. Appointment of an Independent Financial Practitioner to inspect Annual Financial Statements for 2019.
9. To transact any other business.

Notice of motion of any special business to be dealt with under Item 8 must be given in writing to the Honorary Secretary 7 days before the meeting.

OFFICE BEARERS ELECTED on 10 February 2019
Patron Mrs R-M Cabion
President Mrs D Powell
Vice Presidents Mrs J Duthie, Mrs J Wang

Chairman Ms E Stadler
Vice Chairman Mr Neil de Kock
Honorary Treasurer Mrs H Gould
Honorary Secretary Mrs M Gould
Show Manager Ms Joy McFarlane

Committee J Botes-Erasmus, H Gould, Ms A Le Roux, J McFarlane, E Stadler, Mrs Allison Cronje, Neil de Kock

WCPC Representative TBA
WCPC Alternate Representative TBA

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