Establishment of the Judges Education Council

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This past year marked the fifth anniversary of Fedco’s sanction of the new KUSA Breed Judges’ Learning Programme and the members of the Federal Council deemed it an appropriate time to reflect on the Programme’s efficacy as a method of educating and training our Breed Judges but, more importantly, also to consider whether the Programme’s best interests were being served by the current province-based administrative structure which underpins it. At Fedco 12-2017, Fedco confirmed its confidence in the Programme, but recognised that, for as long as dog shows remained a key element in the training of judges, it was necessary for the Programme to keep pace with the dynamics and changing demographics of the sport.

In examining the issue of province-based administration, Fedco concluded that the interests of the Programme and its inevitable demands for evolution and adaptation would be better served by a dedicated team of Fedco-appointed persons, selected for their specific skills and expertise, operating on a National level. To achieve this, Fedco approved the establishment of a sui generis Council – the Judges Education Council (JEC) - under Article 3.11 of the KUSA Constitution, reporting directly to Fedco.

Fedco decided to initially appoint five members to the Council and I have pleasure in confirming the appointments as:

Mr Gérard Robinson – Federal Council Representative and Chairman
Mrs Jenny Hubbard – Federal Council Representative and Alternate Chairman
Mrs Gael Morison – Senior Consultant
Ms Joy McFarlane - Curriculum Developer and Examiner
Ms Nikki Redtenbacher – Administrator

In relieving the provinces of the administrative load, it is important to emphasise that the roles of the members of the PBJSCs who had acted as Assessors and Mentors for Learner Judges will not change. The new JEC will continue to prevail upon them and others to fulfil these functions as previously.

I appeal to all Learner and Licensed judges, and to all those committed to judges’ education, to give the JEC their full support as we try to improve and enhance the learning experience for our judges.

CJL Griffith
Chairman: Federal Council of KUSA