KUSA Boxer Register Provisionally on Hold

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The Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa (FBCSA) was established in 1960 when a number of Boxer clubs chose to break away from KUSA.

Those clubs that elected to remain with KUSA later formed the South African Boxer Breed Council (SABOX).

After promulgation of the Animal Improvement Act (“the Act”) in 1998 under the custodianship of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF), FBCSA applied for Breeders’ Society status in terms of the Act, which was granted.

In August 2016, KUSA’s registration as a Breeders’ Society and a Registering Authority for 218 breeds was approved by the DAFF. Having sought protection under the Act for 218 breeds, and thereby committed to compliance with the provisions of the Act, KUSA was obliged to accept that it could no longer act as a registry for Boxers, as this was the prerogative of FBCSA. The Act only makes provision for one Breeders’ Society per breed.

We therefore have no alternative but to provisionally place Boxer registrations on hold, pending negotiations with the various stakeholders with a view to finding a mutually beneficial solution. KUSA remains fully committed to the Boxer breed and will do everything within its powers to achieve a satisfactory result.

Please note that the exhibition of Boxers is not affected by this development. KUSA-registered Boxers may continue to be exhibited at KUSA-licensed shows.

On behalf of FEDCO.
13 October 2016