Notice Beware of Puppy Farmers

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Beware of indiscriminate puppy farmers.

The sale of puppies advertised on internet websites, has increased dramatically over the recent past. The relative anonymity that certain websites offer, is unfortunately being exploited by opportunists. One of the draw cards used is the “attractive” asking price, which is usually below the prevailing price which would normally be charged by well established, reputable and discerning breeders. These adverts are usually posted on popular classified type advert websites, where adverts can be placed at no charge or for a nominal fee.

There are websites one can use to inform oneself regarding current scams and how to avoid being caught out. The following sites provide in-depth information regarding past and current scams.



Beware of inadvertently supporting indiscriminate puppy farmers that advertise on certain websitesor on their own dedicated websites. Unfortunately, there are irresponsible breeders that are more interested in making profits than in caring for their puppies’ health and welfare. Be very wary of breeders that have a wide variety of puppies available all year round and that sell “pedigreed” puppies at below average prices. Be discerning and take great care when choosing the breeder fromwhich you buy your puppy and ONLY BUY KUSA REGISTERED DOGS.

KUSA Flyball National Results

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Team placed first: MAD4FLYTE

Lexi (Crossbreed)– owned by Miss SJ Alfonso & Mr WM Sables

Cappie Cap Cap [Baby Lexi]- (Border Collie type) owned by Mrs A Minnaar

Ch (Fly) Malificent – (Border Collie)owned by Mrs Y Abrahamson

Ch (Fly), Th One & Only  Chelsey –(Border Collie type) owned by Mr B Levitt

Ch (Fly) Giftnell Starfcassiopeia [Cassi]– (Border Collie) owned by Mr SM Martin

Gr.Ch (Fly), Th One & Only   Xena – (Crossbreed) – owned by Mr F Van Roey

KUSA National Obedience Dog 2018

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Congratulations go to Dawn Crawshaw and Shetland Sheepdog CH WUD Mackland Roddenberry (“Dollar”), on only losing 7 points and being awarded the title of  KUSA National Obedience Dog 2018 at the KUSA National Disciplines Show held in Bloemfontein on 11 August 2018.

Dawn Crawshaw with Dollar at the formal prize giving 11 August 2018.

Phenotypic hip & elbow dysplasia trends Rottweilers & Labrador Retrievers in SA | courtesy of Prof Kirberger

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Phenotypic hip and elbow dysplasia trends in Rottweilers and Labrador retrievers in South Africa (2007-2015):

Are we making progress?

Canine hip and elbow dysplasia are major orthopaedic problems prevalent the world over, and South Africa is no exception. Hip and elbow dysplasia phenotypic status is certified by a number of different radiographic schemes in the world. South Africa uses the Fédération Cynologique Internationale system to certify hips, and the International Elbow Working Group scheme to certify elbows.

Exco at Work

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The Executive Committee held a face to face meeting in Johannesburg on Friday 27 April 2018.
In attendance were from left to right: Nico du Preez, Dudley Sparg (seated), Bruce Jenkins, Lois Wilson (Chairman), Ron Juckes and Ralph Zeeman.

Shea Wright Crufts Experience

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Hello, I am Shea Wright, the winner of the KUSA National Junior Handling competition 2017 held in Shongweni, Kwa Zulu Natal. I am 16 years old and in Grade 11 at Cornwall Hill College in Irene. I live in Midrand with my mother, father, older sister Montana, my younger brother Jordan and my grandparents. Collectively we have about 15 dogs, 8 horses and 6 cats, so I come from an animal crazy household.

Bidvest PetLounge announcement – Size 10 Crates

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Dear Valued client,

In the interest of the welfare of animals travelling and being able to offer the best service at all times we have made a decision to no longer accept bookings for size 10 crates on our daytime network.

This as a result of previous challenges experiences with size 10 crates on our freighter aircraft and network.  These bookings need to be made at least 48 hours prior to the flight departing and conformation of the booking is subjest to space availability and the approval from management.

Boxers: Update from the Chairman and Negotiating Committee

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As previously advised, we expected negotiations with the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa (FBCSA) to have concluded during the first quarter of 2018 and are pleased to report that we are fully on track. As of 1 April 2018, all Boxers in South Africa will fall under the aegis of the KUSA, and thereby enjoy international recognition through the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the World Canine Organisation, of which KUSA is a member.

New prices for flying with BidAir PetLounge

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KUSA members can save substantially by choosing Bidvest PetLounge, a specialist travel facility, when flying their dogs. The latest rates are effective from 1 April 2018 onward.

By arrangement with BidAir Petlounge, KUSA members qualify for an exclusive discount of 15% on cash rates when transporting adult dogs or puppies unaccompanied. BidAir PetLounge also offers a flat rate for dogs travelling with their owners/custodians on the same flight.