Important reminders from the FCI General Secretariat

Posted in FCI Notices

Questions about breeders and judges
The FCI General Secretariat would like to remind that both breeders and FCI judges are under the responsibility of the national canine organisations and not under FCI’s. Breeders and judges have no direct, official link to the FCI (the members of the FCI are the national canine organisations, not the breeders, neither the judges). The national canine organisations are the only bodies entitled to take any decision concerning breeders and judges. Consequently, we kindly remind you to send any request regarding breeders and/or judges to the national canine organisation(s) which the breeder or judge about whom you have a question depends on. Thank you for your understanding.

Questions to the FCI Secretariat from private individuals
The FCI General Secretariat would like to remind that the FCI staff is not entitled to answer questions from private individuals, but only from the national canine organisations (NCOs), since the latter are FCI members, whereas private individuals are not (they are members of the NCOs). Any question should be sent to the national canine organisation which you depend on; the latter will then turn to the FCI General Secretariat for enquiry, if necessary. In any case, they will provide you with the appropriate, official response.
The contact details of all FCI members are available on the FCI website.