Minutes and Agendas 2014/2015

2015-01 Exco Minutes

Posted in Minutes and Agendas 2014/2015

Issued 5.02.2015

Via telecon:
Clrs L Wilson (Chair), RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), DC Sparg, NJ du Preez, RJ Zeeman
Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley, Miss S A Thornberry (Secretary), & Miss DI Rosier
Apologies: Clr DA Thompson
Mrs A Bastick – on leave

The recent tragic passing of former Exco and Fedco member Johan Kieser of Tortuga Boxers was noted with regret as well as the passing of  George Oosthuizen (Boxers – Gauteng) and Peter Bussey (Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Port Elizabeth)

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th November 2014 were formally confirmed.
3.1        Terms of Reference (TOR) for Provincial Sub-Committees (Exco 03-14 item 9-10; Exco 04-14 item 3.5; Exco 05-14 item 3.2;  Exco 08-14 item 3.2; Exco 09-14 item 3.4; Exco 11-14 item 3.1)
DT to report back at the next meeting.
To be carried forward to next agenda.
3.2    KUSA Annual Awards Programme - (Exco 09-14 item 3.8, Exco 10-14 item 3.6; Exco 11-2014 item 3.4)
Proposal from working committee (comprising Bruce Jenkins, Joy McFarlane, Elrena Stadler and Kerry Schultz) was circulated prior to meeting.  After discussion some adjustments were made and it was agreed that the amended document should be forwarded to Fedco for the June 2015 Meeting.
For Fedco agenda
A list of procedures and KUSA Office responsibilities to be drawn up and circulated for February Exco.
To be carried forward to next agenda.

3.3    By-Laws for National Sub-Committees (Exco 11-14 item 3.6)
In November 2015 the Chairman circulated the following suggested amendment to clause 9.2 regarding the holding of the AGM, to allow more flexibility:
“The NSC shall hold a meeting (in terms of 10.1) each year, at a date convenient to the members and within a 12 month period, to be designated the Annual General Meeting at which the Convener shall report on the activities of the NSC since the last Annual General Meeting. “
This will be tabled at the February meeting and if approved will be placed on the June 2015 agenda.
To be carried forward to next agenda.

3.4    Nördlicher Verein für Deutsche Hunde Rassen (Northern Areas German Breeds Club)(Exco 11-14 item 9.2.1)
The above Club was affiliated at the last Exco Meeting when it was agreed that the Poodle breed be included as one of the German Breeds, with agreement from the Mother City Poodle Club. The Secretary has since received an objection letter from Braganza Poodles, which was circulated on 13.01.2015 to be discussed at this meeting.
Three further objections have been received and circulated to Exco on 14.1.2015.
A suggestion was made that the matter be deferred to the next meeting in order to give the German Breeds Club an opportunity to respond to the objections.  However, in the ensuing discussion the following clause in The Kennel Club breed standard, which is the applicable Breed Standard in South Africa, was noted, viz “All three varieties of Poodle have their country of origin listed as France but Germany is believed to have been their actual home, the breed entering France with German soldiers. It came from the marshes of Germany, where it was well established as a water retriever.”
It was agreed that Exco had followed the correct procedure by consulting the only affiliated Poodle Club in the country. Furthermore it was noted that two of the individuals who are objecting are no longer KUSA members. It was suggested that concerned parties could raise the issue at Provincial Council.
It was agreed that the original decision of Exco should stand and noted that the Club has already been granted a show licence.  In the meantime, the objections should be passed on to the German Breeds Club for comment directly to the objectors.

4.1    Office Report
SA Post Office Strike:
Whilst the strike came to an end in November 2014, it is quite evident that the Post Office has not as yet been able to clear the backlog of mail needing to be distributed. Members are requested to please be patient. It is hoped that items mailed to Members in November & December 2014, should be delivered by the end of January 2015. The office is reluctant to incur further costs for the issue of duplicate copies, as has been requested by some Members, unless absolutely necessary.
The flow of mail delivered to the KUSA Post Box on a daily basis is still significantly lower than usual, which could possibly be attributed to the fact that Members are now opting to send their applications via email or fax or is a further indicator that the Post Office is still dealing with a backlog.
In November, 17 payments to the value of R15 483 could not be processed as application documentation has not as yet been received. In December, 41 payments to the value of R31 783 could not be processed. This impacts negatively on our monthly income figures and also negatively impacts on the delivery of services to our members who have paid for a service which we are unable to deliver in what is considered an acceptable time frame.  

Communications Coordinator Position advertised:-
The Federal Council approved in principle the creation of a new position within KUSA – “Communications Coordinator”.
A notice inviting members to submit applications for this position which is still to be decided if it will be a full time or part time fixed term contract, was emailed to all current members (3 500)  on the 19th December 2014. Further, the notice advertising the position was posted on the KUSA Website, the All About Dogs Website, & Dogworld SA website. The closing date for applications to be submitted is the 16th January 2015.
The response to the advert has been extremely positive and as at the 13th January 2015, thirty five (35) applications had been received.
A shortlist of best suited candidates will be compiled at the end of January, after consultation with FEDCO, with the aim of conducting interviews early in February.
Outsourcing of Payroll & HR function:
The management and administration of the KUSA payroll which includes submissions to SARS and the maintenance of leave records etc. has over the years become increasingly more complex and more time consuming especially in view of all the various laws that govern this aspect of business. For the past few years, it was necessary to request the assistance of a Consultant in order to meet our obligations with regards to SARS returns. After internal discussions & submission of a written proposal to David Thompson as CEO, approval was granted to the KUSA Office to outsource the payroll and HR function to a professional payroll bureau.
Services include payroll maintenance, staff loan balances, garnishee orders, leave records and reports, payroll analysis reports, payslips, eft payment data files, monthly UIF submissions, SARS monthly submissions, IRP 5 and E@syfile data upload to SARS, tax year end SARS reconciliation, maintenance of personnel files and regular updating of any amendments to a regulations or Acts.

4.2    FINANCE
After discussion the Financial Report for November and December 2014 were approved.

There is still one complaint being held in abeyance since last year.
5.2    SHOWS
5.2.1    KUSA Classic 2015
KUSA Classic Breed Events 2015 – Fri 29 May to Sun 31 May
Friday 29th May – FCI Show
Saturday 30th May – KUSA Championship Show
Sunday 31st May – KUSA National Event
Noted.  Arrangements were progressing well.

KUSA Classic 2015 Disciplines Weekend Bloemfontein – Fri 07 August to Sun 10 August
Friday 7th August – KUSA Championship Show  
Saturday 8th August – KUSA Nationals   
Saturday 8th August – Bloemfontein FCI Show

5.2.2    Goldfields Showground’s Committee – Show Breed Licences
The following request has been received:
“The Goldfields Showground’s Committee would like to apply to Exco to consider granting permission for them to “borrow" the championship show breed licences from Margate Kennel Club and Hibiscus Kennel Club for 2015 only as these licences are not being used by the respective clubs this year.

The Goldfields Showground’s Committee is not able to get large sponsorship to provide income to cover the monthly expenses incurred to keep the Showground’s running, as we are unable to get a new lease from the Johannesburg Municipality.   We have taken legal advice and have been advised that it will be better to pay our annual peppercorn rental to the Municipality a year in advance each year and “let sleeping dogs lie” so to speak, rather than have the Municipality dig around and offer the lease out for tender and the rental becomes tens of thousands of rands that we can in no way afford and the grounds become lost to dogs for ever.   The Port Elizabeth Kennel Club has lost their grounds and we do not want the same thing to happen in Gauteng.

The Showground’s Committee is, therefore, desperately looking for ways and means of raising funds to keep the Showground’s viable and available to dogdom for shows, training, working disciplines, etc.   We currently have a raffle running with a prize of two tickets to London and entrance to Crufts for two people for all four days.   We also have a 600 Club fundraiser in which we aim to sell 500 tickets at R600 per ticket to dog people each year.   There is a draw each month offering three prizes as an incentive for people to participate in the scheme which costs each ticket holder R 50 per month, i.e. R 600.00 per annum.   If we could get everyone to support this, we would be home and dry, but unfortunately a large number of dog people think that it is not their problem and the Showground’s will somehow keep going without their help.   Having said that, we do have a loyal band of supporters, but so far the funds raised are not enough to pay the running expenses of the Showground’s which are around R 360 000 per annum.   We are always looking for other means to raise funds and discovered that the two Natal clubs were not using their championship show breed licences, so we approached them to see if they would lend us the two licences.   They have very kindly agreed to do so as a “once off” to support our cause.   

Our plan in the first instance is to use as many newly qualified local judges as possible for both shows and to fill in any gaps with other local judges.   We will use the traditional show dates of the two KZN clubs.  The shows will be advertised to exhibitors as a Goldfields Showground’s Fundraiser and all profits will be ploughed back into the Showground, so we can keep our heads above the water.

We earnestly appeal to you to grant permission this once for Natal championship show breed licences to be used in Gauteng.

Thank you for considering our request.

Goldfields Showground’s Management Committee”

Some Clubs have already been granted dispensation to hold shows outside of their centres but not in a different province.  However, this request is for Gauteng to hold two Championship Shows in Gauteng using the licences of two KZN Clubs.

Note relevant regulations:
Schedule 3:
Reg 1.1:
The Executive Committee shall have the power and shall be the only authority to grant, withhold or cancel permission to hold any Show and to issue licences therefore in accordance with the Regulations relating thereto:…

Reg 2.1:
Unless dispensation is granted by the Executive Committee, no Championship Show shall exceed two (2) days duration and no Championship Show shall be held outside the Centre in which the show-holding club is domiciled.  

Reg 12.4.2:
Where any club applies to the Executive Committee for dispensation to hold an event outside its area of domicile and such dispensation is granted, a separate licence shall be issued therefor.

Lengthy discussion ensued during which ways and means of accommodating the request were considered.  According to the above mentioned regulations the Exco has the power to grant dispensation to a Club to hold a show outside of its centre but there was no precedent for a club to be granted a licence to hold a show outside its Provincial Council area and noted that only Clubs may hold shows and not a committee (which in this case is not an affiliated club).  Concern was expressed that granting dispensation as requested would be ultra vires.  It was then agreed to ask the Margate and Hibiscus Committees and the Goldfields Showground Committee what their understanding of this request is, e.g. who will be responsible party, bearing in mind that it has to be an Affiliated Club and not a committee which has no standing with KUSA. The replies, together with any other information will be discussed at the next meeting when Mrs Bastick will be present.
To be carried forward to next agenda.
5.3    JUDGES
5.3.1    Judges Examination Statistics
Rules & Regulations – 7 wrote – 7 passed
Anatomy, Conformation & Movement – 9 wrote – 1 failed
Ring Management & Etiquette – 7 wrote – 7 passed
Part 2 – Breed – 22 wrote – 4 failed

Provisional Championship Show Judges for the following groups:

Mr A. Austen – Terrier Group
Mr L. Coetsee – Terrier Group
Mrs A.M. Colborne – Hound Group
Mrs W. Davies – Toy Group
Mr R. De Taranto – Hound Group
Mrs D. Edmondson – Hound Group
Mrs R. Fourie    - Working Group
Mrs J. Hubbard – Herding Group
Mr L. Kruger – Hound Group
Mr H. Redtenbacher – Hound Group
Miss N. Redtenbacher – Working Group

Miss D. Lucas – Hound Group

Mrs C. Buitendach – Working Group

Mr M. Vorster – Terrier Group

Mrs S. Du Toit- Herding Group
Mrs L. Kroff – Terrier Group
Mr J.N. Meyer – Toy Group
Ms E. Stadler – Toy Group
Noted with congratulations    

The following are eligible to judge at Non-Championship Shows for the following groups with Evaluations:
Mrs J. Kern - Working
Mr J. Tarr - Gundog
Mrs N. Shortland - Herding
Ms S. Wainwright - Herding
Ms A. Young - Herding
Mrs A. Cronje - Hound
Mr S. Effendi - Rottweiler
Mr D. Riley – Working
Noted with congratulations

5.3.2     The following Judges completed KUSA requirements and are licensed for the Group/s as listed:        
Mr J. De Abreu Marques (Working Group)
Dr R. Ehrlich (Hound Group)
Mrs Y. Jefferies (Herding Group)
Mrs H. Kessler (Gundog Group          
Noted with congratulations

Amy Kiefer will be representing KUSA/SA at Crufts in March 2015.
Noted with congratulations

The following judge’s Observer report has been approved:
Level 1:
Mr F. Saward-Dumbris (EC)
Noted with congratulations

The following Assessments have been approved by the Provincial Council Working Trial (Classic) Sub-Committee:
Mrs C. King – First – Championship Show – Goldfields Kennel Club – 17 August 2014
Mrs C. King – Second – Championship Show – Birch Acres Dog Training Club – 26 October 2014
Noted with congratulations.

FTLC Agenda for meeting to be held on 27.01.15
Received 12.01.15 – Circulated 12.01.15

5.8    IPO
5.8.1        The following judge completed KUSA requirements and has been accepted as an IPO Judge:
Mr Q. Strooh (GAU)
Noted with congratulations

5.8.2            The following judges completed KUSA requirements and have been accepted as an IPO Competition Assistant:
Mr M. Gamon (GAU)
Mr M. Odendaal (GAU)
Mr H. Prinsloo (GAU)
Mr Q. Strooh (EC)
Mr D. Vosloo (GAU)
Noted with congratulations

5.8.3            The following judges completed KUSA requirements and have been accepted as an IPO Tutor Competition Assistant:
Mr J. Swartz (GAU)
Mr D. Swanepoel (GAU)
Noted with congratulations

AGM Meeting scheduled for 7 February 2015 by teleconference.

5.10    CARTING
The following Report has been approved by the KUSA Scrutineers:
Mrs L. Robinson – Second – Championship Show – Natal German Shepherd Dog Club – 24 August 2014 and issued a Carting Judge’s License.
Noted with congratulations.

5.11    AGILITY
FCI Agility Commissions meeting being held in Italy in February 2015.  The KUSA Representative will not be attending due to budget restraints.
5.12    FLYBALL – Nil



5.15    TT – Nil


5.17    FCI – Nil

6.1    SABOX – Nil
6.2    Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) – Nil
Minutes of the DOGSPC meeting held on 02.12.2014
Received and circulated on 15.01.2015
18 out of 76 voting members present – 23 required for Quorum. No quorum present.

Also received with the minutes:
Attendance register

7.2.1    Minutes of the KZNPC meeting held on 29.11.2014
Received and circulated on 18.12.2014
12 out of 35 voting members present – 11 required for Quorum

Also received with the minutes:
Agenda i.r.o. the KZNPC meeting held on 29-11-2014
Treasurer’s Report
Confirmed minutes of 27-09-2014
Sub-Committee Reports
Attendance register

7.2.2    Minutes of the KZNPC Special General Meeting held on 29.11.2014
Received and circulated on 18.12.2014
12 out of 25 voting members present – 11 required for Quorum

Also received with the minutes:
Special General Meeting agenda for 29-11-2014
Confirmed Annual Financial Statements i.r.o. the 2013/2014 financial year
Attendance register.

Minutes of the NAPC meeting held on 27.11.2014
Received and circulated 23.12.2014
22 out of 28 voting members present – 9 required for Quorum

Also received with the minutes:
Attendance register

Minutes of the WCPC meeting held on 17.11.2014
Received 19.11.2014 – Circulated 21.11.2014
18 out of 38 voting members present – 11 required for Quorum

Also received with the minutes:
Agenda for a meeting to be held on 19.01.2015
PRA letter to WCPC from The Mother City Poodle Club

With regard to letter from Mother City Poodle Club (MCPC) about PRA testing, it should be noted that KUSA already does this on a voluntary basis.  There is nothing to prevent the Club from submitting the results to KUSA for recording on the database and KUSA keeping the registrar for them.  This is already done for other breeds, e.g. the Irish Setter, whereby all the breeders have worked together and decided that this is what they want to do.  The MCPC should start the ball rolling within its own Club and KUSA can assist.

Minutes of EC&BPC AGM meeting held on 23.11.2014
Received and circulated on 02.12.2014
14 out of 16 voting members present – 5 required for Quorum

Also received with the AGM minutes:
Minutes of ordinary provincial council meeting held on 27.11.2014
Chairman’s report
Minutes of meeting held on 25.10.2014
Received and circulated on 22.12.2014.
A letter from the Steering Committee to the Chairman of Fedco, Mr DA Thompson, was circulated to Fedco on 12.1.2015.  DT to reply to letter and report back at next meeting.
To be carried forward to next agenda.

8.1    24 new members and 73 lapsed members were elected.
8.2    Application for lapsed member to be considered.  
Information circulated on separate email dated 15.1.2015
After discussion it was agreed that a letter be sent to the individual concerned asking them to give reasons why they believe they should be accepted as a member of KUSA and why the application should not be rejected based on allegations of undesirable conduct received from purchasers of puppies.
9.1    Applications for Affiliation – Nil

9.2    Amendments to Club Constitutions – Nil

9.3    Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 Dispensation for Registration
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.6 Additional Puppy)
Litter whelped 17 April 2013, breeder Mr CA Zeelie.
Beagle (Reg. 4.6 Additional Puppy)
Litter whelped 21 May 2014, breeder Mrs N Antunes.

Yorkshire Terrier (Reg. 4.6 Additional Puppy)
Litter whelped 31 March 2014, breeder, Mr MS Botha.

Pomeranian (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration-Amnesty)
Litter whelped 20 September 2012, breeder Mrs KS Lombaard.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration- Amnesty)
Litter whelped 01 June 2012, breeder Mr ZF Lotz.
Approved subject to receipt of outstanding documents.

White Swiss Shepherd (Reg 4.7 – Late Registration)
One puppy whelped 31.01.2013 - breeder Miss S Bridge

9.4    Accredited Breeders Scheme (ABS)
List of proposed breeders:

Ms D Lurie, Membership No 185836, Kennel Name DELU, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Accredited Breeders Renewed:
For the month of December, 8 Accredited Breeders were renewed for a further year.

9.5    Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers
Incorrect details of Dam recorded on applications for registration of complete litter.
Litter whelped 06 October 2014, 2 puppies: Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
The Breeder, Mr AC Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen, inadvertently inserted the incorrect dam on the litter application form.  Application form with the correct details have been received. The required fee for the rectification of our records has been paid. The original certificates of registration issued have been returned to the KUSA Office. Sworn affidavit received.

9.6    Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates – Nil

9.7        Schedule 2 Reg 17 – Recognition of Breeds – Nil

9.8    Request for discount on Litter Registration Fee
The KUSA Office has received a request from a KUSA Member who has 6 litters (22 individual puppies) to register. All of the litters were born in the last 6 months. Total due R4 886.00.
The member would like to receive a “bulk” discount as would be the case in commercial enterprises. The member recommends that it becomes a standard pricing practice reflected on Schedule 7 Subscription & Fees.
In the following discussion it was noted that there was already a discount in place for over six puppies in a litter.
The request was not supported.

9.9    Article 20.3 – Request for formation of GSD Liaison Council
“The Executive Committee may establish a Liaison Council to serve any area of interest, which falls across the jurisdiction of more than one Provincial Council and subject to its right to revoke such delegation at any time, may delegate all of any of its powers under this Constitution to such Liaison Council, subject to confirmation by the Federal Council.”
Correspondence circulated to Exco on 14.1.2015.  Further correspondence circulated on 15.1.2015.
The applicants originally wanted to form a Breed Council but could not meet the requirements of Article 20.4 which requires that all GSD Specialist Clubs must be in agreement.  The application to form a Liaison Council has been submitted in response to a suggestion by Fedco, as a compromise solution.  In the following discussion it was commented that there was a big difference between a Liaison Council and a Breed Council.  The objects of the latter shall include ‘the welfare of, interest in, breeding and importation of a particular breed of dog.  It was not believed that a Liaison Council would be able to put forward proposals to change the KUSA Articles and Regulations pertaining to German Shepherd Dogs.  That is the work of a Breed Council which is why the agreement of all Clubs is needed.  They would also not be allowed to have breed wardens or hold inspections, or be funded by a levy on KUSA registrations.  In fact it appeared from reading the proposed constitution that it was a breed council under the guise of a liaison council.  
Some suggestions and assistance should be given with regard to removing some of the elements from the proposed constitution and RZ undertook to discuss with the Chairman of the proposed Council in this regard.
To be carried forward to next meeting.
9.10     An Obedience Judge wrote an Obedience Judges Exam in Gauteng.  We do not know what paper the Judge wrote. The Judge was advised by the Obedience Sub-Committee that she was unsuccessful.
The aspirant Judge requested a remark, but this was not done. There is no provision in the regulations for a remark, but the Judge wanted KUSA to view the paper, however, we still have not received the paper from the Obedience Sub-Committee to put on file although it has been requested. The office needs direction on how to deal with this matter.

Schedule 5A, Reg. states:
The aspiring judge shall pass a test set and marked by the Obedience Sub-Committee of the Provincial Council on:-
1.    The Rules & Regulations contained in Schedule 5A pertaining to the judging of Beginners and Novice classes.  The pass mark at present is 80%
2.    The recommended marks to be deducted as given in the relevant Provincial Guide for Judges pertaining to Beginners and Novice classes.  The pass mark at present is 80%.
3.    Schedule 3 Sections 1 to 19 relating to how a Championship Show is run.  The pass mark at present is 65%
OPTION 2    The Provincial Council may require that an aspiring judge attend a course which shall cover those portions of Schedule 5A and the provincial guide for judges which cover judging of Beginners and Novice Classes plus sections 1 to 19 of schedule 3.  He shall then sit an examination on this course, the pass marks being as for Reg above.  The Provincial Council shall then arrange for the aspirant to do a practical test on judging Beginners and Novice Classes.
When the aspiring Judges performance in is approved by the Provincial Council, the Kennel Union shall be so informed by the Provincial Council.  All reports and mark sheets must be sent to KUSA by the Provincial Council to be held in support of the Aspiring Judge’s application.
KUSA shall in turn inform the learner judge of the successful outcome and copy to Provincial Council.  The Provincial Council shall then issue the learner judge with his judge’s card endorsed for judging Beginners and Novice Class appointments.

It was agreed that the Convenor of the NSC should be asked to give an explanation regarding the above, for discussion at the next meeting.
It was also recommended that the Regulations be amended to permit a remark, at a fee.  
To be carried forward to next agenda.

10.    GENERAL
10.1    NdP was aware of concern in the French Bulldog community with regard to unscrupulous breeding and health problems.  Before attending a meeting of one of the Clubs, he will obtain advice from various parties, including BJ, and thereafter be in a position to make recommendations with regard to health tests.  

10.2    DS drew attention to a situation whereby an overseas Obedience judge had not received payment for private workshops in South Africa last year.  The Club had fulfilled all its requirements with regard to a KUSA Judging appointment but in addition to this the judge entered into a private arrangement with an individual who organised private training sessions and workshops which participants paid for but for which the judge did not receive the promised payment for her services.
Although this does not concern any KUSA Club, the Secretary was requested to write to the person concerned requesting an explanation regarding the allegations that money is owed by her to the overseas judge.

Tue 17 February 2015 at 13h00

There being no further business the meeting closed at 14h25 with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the EXCO.