Western Province Club - 31 March 2019

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Notice to all Members
Annual General Meeting

You are hereby notified, in terms of the Constitution, Clause 20A, of the WPRC’s Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday 31st March 2019 at 11:00am.

This Meeting is to be held at the Victoria Cricket Clubhouse, Chukker Road Sports Complex, Landsdowne, Cape Town.

You are requested to submit any motion you wish to be discussed at this meeting (other than a proposal to amend, alter or add to the Constitution) to the Secretary at any of the above addresses, on or before 17 March 2019. Motions for changes to the Constitution should reach the Secretary none later than 04 March 2019. Any correspondence received after these dates will not be tabled.

Only Members who are fully paid up will be permitted a vote at this AGM. Members, kindly note that in terms of the Constitution, Clause 21, each member has only one vote, and Junior Members are not permitted to vote. No proxy votes will be allowed. Quorum for the Meeting is ten (10) voting members.

No item that does not feature on the AGENDA will be discussed.

With regards,

Chris Pretorius (Secretary)



1) Welcoming by Chairman

2) Notice Convening the Meeting

3) Minutes of previous AGM (or any Special General Meeting held since then)

4) Matters arising from the foregoing Minutes

5) Chairman’s Report for the year

6) Hon. Treasurer’s Report, Audited Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure account for the year

7) Any Motions for amending the Constitution as advised in the Notice Convening the Meeting

8) Any matters submitted by the Committee

9) Any matters submitted by the Membership

10) Election of Officers and Committee, including the appointment of an Auditor

11) Conclusion of Meeting


From the N2, take the Jan Smut Avenue offramp (direction Strandfontein.) Turn right into Govan Mbeki Road (M9). After passing through a circle, it becomes Wetton Road. Once across the train bridge, look for the Chukker Road turnoff (to your right). The second gate to your left into the Chukker Road Sports Complex, will bring you to the Victoria Cricket Club’s Clubhouse.